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Michael J. Soileau, MD

Dr. Michael Soileau grew up in Lumberton, TX (small town in Southeast Texas) prior to his moving to Waco, TX for college at Baylor University.  After graduating from Baylor University, he attended medical school at The University of Texas Medical School in Houston after which he moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan where he completed his neurology residency at the prestigious University of Michigan.  While in Ann Arbor, he was honored with numerous teaching awards and fell in love with the field of Movement Disorders.  Rarely in neurology, can there be such an influential and immediate improvement in quality of life.  This love prompted him to return to his medical school alma mater and complete a fellowship in the medical and surgical management of movement disorders. 

After directing the movement disorder division at a large institution in Central Texas for 3 years and starting a DBS program, he decided to open Texas Movement Disorder Specialists, PLLC in 2017.  Doing so allowed him to bring “big city training” to smaller towns as a convenience to his patients.  Now, he continues to provide comprehensive, sub-specialized care to those patients with movement disorders in a compassionate, individualized manner.  He continues to develop a regional and statewide presence having patients travel from all over Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.  


Dr. Soileau also enjoys teaching students, residents, and other neurologists about the “art” of treating movement disorders as well as advanced therapies.  In his short tenure to date, he’s traveled regionally and nationally as a consultant and lecturer to patients and providers, authored several book chapters, peer-reviewed journal articles, and co-authored a board review textbook for neurology students and providers.  He is also a member of the prestigious Parkinson Study Group (PSG) as well as a board member of the Texas Neurological Society.  


When not at work, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife Janiece (a pediatric nurse practitioner), his 3 sons, and his golden retriever Dixie.










Dr. Soileau
Dr. and Mrs. Soileau

Honors and Awards

  • 2019 - American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Practice Leadership Program – 1 of  9 chosen in US - 2019

  • 2015 - Capital Area Parkinson's Society — honored for presentation, support and commitment

  • 2013 - “Status Pedagogicus In Situ Award.”  (Given to resident recognizing teaching and mentorship excellence.)

  • 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 - “Making a Difference”, University of Michigan.  (Patient or staff nominated award for excellent clinical care.)

  • 2010 - Recipient of the “Bronze Beeper Award for Teaching”

  • 2009 - Truman G. Blocker, JR Gold-Headed Cane Award for Humanism in Medicine

Published – Peer Reviewed

  1. Thakkar, S., Soileau, MJ et al. “24-Hour Levodopa-Carbidopa Intestinal Gel: Clinical Experience and Practical Recommendations.” CNS Drugs (2021)

  2. Isaacson SH, Soileau MJ, et al.  Prospective Home-use Study on Non-invasive Neuromodulation Therapy for Essential Tremor. Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements. 2020; 10(1): 29, pp. 1–16. DOI:

  3. Benge, J. F., Balsis, S., Madeka, T., Uhlman, C., Lantrip, C., & Soileau, M. J. (2017). Factor structure of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment items in a sample with early Parkinson's disease. Parkinsonism & related disorders, 41, 104-108.

  4. Cooper, R.C., Benge, J.F, Lantrip, C., & Soileau, M.J; "The Everyday Cognition

(Ecog) Scale in Parkinson's Disease". ; 2017;30(3):1–3

  1. Montgomery, M, Miner, Noel K., Soileau MJ, McDonald, Douglas K. "Placement of the AbbVie PEG-J tube for the Treatment of Parkinson's disease in the Interventional Radiology Suite." Baylor University Medical Proceedings; Oct 2016

  2. Soileau, M. J., Persad, C., Taylor, J., Patil, P. G., & Chou, K. L. (2014). Caregiver burden in patients with Parkinson disease undergoing deep brain stimulation: an exploratory analysis. Journal of Parkinson's disease, 4(3), 517-521.

  3. Hallevi, H., Chernyshev, OY., El Khoury, R., Soileau, M. J., Walker, K. C., Grotta, J.C., & Savitz, S. I. (2011). Intracranial atherosclerosis is associated with progression of neurological deficit in subcortical stroke. Cerebrovascular Diseases, 33(1), 64-68.


Published – Non-Peer Reviewed

  1. Soileau M.J. and Furr-Stimming, E. "Inpatient Management of Parkinson's Disease." Practical Neurology. October 2014, Vol 13, No. 8.


Book Chapters

  1. Michael J. Soileau.  Defining Idiopathic Parkinson Disease and Imaging and Advanced Stories.  In Armitage, AE (2017) Fast Facts for Nurses about Parkinson’s Disease: An Expert Guide in a Nutshell, 1e.  Springer Publishing.  

  2. Michael J. Soileau and Kelvin L. Chou. Parkinson Disease: Pathophysiology, Genetics, Clinical Manifestations and Course including Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis. In: Johnston et al (ed) (2016) Neurobiology of Disease, 2e. Oxford University Press

  3. Soileau, Michael J and Kelvin L. Chou. Common Challenges and Complications in the Inpatient Setting. In: Hawley, Armstrong, Weiner (eds). (2014) Parkinson's Disease: Improving Patient Care, pp. 75-87, Oxford University Press


Book Publications (Author)

  1. Jordan, J. T., Mayans, D. R., & Soileau, MJ. (2016). Neurology Self-Assessment: A

Companion to Bradley's Neurology in Clinical Practice, 224 pp., Elsevier Health Science.



  1. Gupta, N, Soileau, MJ et al (2020).  Does “5-2-1” identify patients with suspected Advanced Parkinson’s Disease? Evidence of clinical accuracy from G7 countries.  Poster at International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society Congress: 2020. 

  2. Soileau, MJ, Pagen, F, Siddigui, M et al (2020).  Pill burden reduction in patients with advanced Parkinson’s Disease: Comparative effectiveness of carbidopa/levodopa enteral suspension and deep brain stimulation.  Poster at International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society Congress: 2020. 

  3. Pahwa, Rajesh, Soileau, M.J., et al (2020). Non-Invasive, At- Home Use Neuromodulation Device Provides Symptomatic Relief from Essential Tremor: Results from the PROSPECT Study.  Poster at American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Toronto: 2020. 

  4. Ospina M.C, Soileau, M.J. , et al (2020) Impact of Levodopa/Carbidopa Intestinal Gel Delivery on Care Partner Burden and Quality of Life: Survey by Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance. Poster at The International Association of Parkinsonism and Related Disorders Congress: 2020.  Abstract published in Parkinsonism and Related Disorders.  Date TBD.

  5. Benge, J.F., Pineda, A., & Soileau, M.J. (2016). Caregiver Perceptions of Everyday Cognitive Functioning in Parkinson's Disease. Poster to be presented at the annual meeting of the National Academy of Neuropsychology, Seattle, WA.

  6. Chernyshev, O. Y., El Khoury, R., Soileau, MJ., Walker, K. C., Grotta, J. C., Savitz, S. I., & Hallevi, H. (2009, April). Intracranial Atherosclerosis Predicts Neurological Fluctuations in Subcortical Ischemic Stroke. In STROKE (Vol. 40, No. 4, pp. E243-E243).

  7. Chernyshev OY, Martin-Schild S, El Khoury R, Soileau MJ, Lentz RJ, Morales MM, Sline MR, Grotta JC, Savitz SI. (2009) Delay in Hospital Arrival in Patients with Posterior Circulation Ischemia. Stroke. 2009; 40: e105-e276.


Poster Presentations

  1. Caregiver Burden in Patients with Parkinson Disease Undergoing Deep Brain

Stimulation. University of Michigan Neuroscience Day 2012, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

  1. Delay in Hospital Arrival in Patients with Posterior Circulation Ischemia. — Poster presentation at the International Stroke Conference, San Diego, California 2009


Online Courses                                            

  1. “Huntington’s Disease: Motor Symptoms and Treatment” – International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society.  June 2018


Research - Clinical Trials

  • 2021: NIH SBIR R44 NS117214, CND Life Sciences – Todd Levine, MD (Sponsor-Investigator).  “Synuclein-One Study: Cutaneous Phosphorlyated α-synuclein Detection as a Biomarker of Synucleinopathy”  Michael Soileau, MD (Site PI)

  • 2021: Abbvie Protocol H20-012: “A Prospective Observational Study to Evaluate the Clinical Outcomes and Burden of Disease of PD Patients with Motor Fluctuations Not Adequately Controlled by Current PD Medications.”  Michael Soileau, MD (Site Sub-Investigator)

  • 2020: Cerevel Therapeutics, LLC Protocol No. CVL-751-PD-004: “58 Week Open-Label Trial of Tavapadon in Parkinson’s Disease (Tempo-4 Trial).”   Michael Soileau, MD (Site PI)

  • 2020: Cerevel Therapeutics, LLC Protocol No. CVL-751-PD-003: “A Phase 3, Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo Controlled, Parallel Group, Flexible Dose, 27 Week Trial to evaluate the Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerability of Tavapadon as adjunctive therapy for Parkinson’s Disease in Levodopa-treated adults with motor fluctuations (TemPo-3 Trial).”  Michael Soileau, MD (Site PI)

  • 2020: Cerevel Therapeutics, LLC Protocol No. CVL-751-PD-001: “A phase 3, double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled, parallel group, 27 week trial to evaluate the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of two fixed doses of Tavapadon in early Parkinson’s disease (Tempo-1 trial).”   Michael Soileau, MD (Site PI)

  • 2020: AbbVie Protocol No. M20-098 “An Open-Label Extension of Study M15-736 to Evaluate the Safety and Tolerability of 24-Hour Daily Exposure of ABBV-951 in Subjects with Advanced Parkinson's Disease”.  Michael Soileau, MD (Site PI)

  • 2020: AbbVie Protocol No. M15-736 “A Randomized, Double-Blind, Double-Dummy, Active-Controlled Study Comparing the Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of ABBV-951 to Oral Carbidopa/Levodopa in Advanced Parkinson's Disease Patients.”  Michael Soileau, MD (Site PI)

  • 2019: AbbVie Protocol No. M15-741 “A 52-Week, open-label single-arm study to evaluate the safety and tolerability of 24-hour daily exposure of continuous subcutaneous infusion of ABBV-951 in subjects with Parkinson’s disease.”  11/2019 to 12/2019, Michael Soileau, MD (Site PI). 

  • 2018: Michael Soileau MD (Site PI)  Prospective study for symptomatic relief of Essential Tremor with CALA therapy (PROSPECT) 

  • 2016-2017: NINDS NIH #100,896, Protocol #: INO-PD-P3-2014; 05/2016-05/2020, Michael Soileau, MD (Site PI), Richard Lenehan, MD (Site Co-PI), Michael A. Schwarzschild, MD (Sponsor-Investigator) A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Urate-elevating Inosine Treatment to Slow Clinical Decline and Early Parkinson's Disease (SURE-PD3)

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