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2way Video Visits (TeleHealth)

Documents must be signed and faxed/emailed to office prior to video visit.  Email is  Fax: 512.290.9226

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Most of the examination in a movement disorder is by hearing the patient and observing the patient.  Texas Movement Disorder Specialists offers 2-way video appointment visits to patients who have established care with the practice.

The telehealth program was created to serve the growing needs of patients that live a long distance from the clinic or have difficulties traveling to and from the clinic for their followup care.  

Please read the following information before deciding whether this type of visit is right for you:


  • 2-way video visits require the patient to have a phone, tablet, or computer with a camera in order to communicate with the provider.

  • Medicare and some insurances may not pay for these visits and therefore, the patient will be charged a fee for this service which must be paid at the time of service.

  • Signed ABN must be on file for all patients.

  • 2-way video visits do not replace standard face-to-face visits, and the patient may still be asked to schedule an in-person appointment.

  • Patients should make sure to arrive at the video visit early enough to ensure all technical aspects are sorted out prior to the beginning of the appointment with the provider.

We hope that you are excited as we are about this service as we feel it can really enhance the care our patients receive and will make appointments much more convenient for the patient and caregiver.   

Thank you, 

TxMDS Team


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