2way Video Visits (TeleHealth)


Due to the recent pandemic of the Corona Virus, our practice has remained proactive at developing protocols to keep patient care uninterrupted.

Because of recent emergent legislation passed, we are now able to offer telemedicine visits to almost all of our patients regardless of the insurance coverage.  Difficulty with technology should not be a reason to avoid telemedicine visits as we can help you with this!

  • Staff is going above and beyond at disinfecting all of the touchpoints throughout the office to ensure adequate disinfecting of our clinic and exam rooms.  

  • Patients who are concerned about being out in public or around other patients are strongly encouraged to consider telemedicine visits so that care is not interrupted.

  • If any patient has a fever of 100.4 or above, shortness of breath, or a dry cough, they should stay home and will not be able to be seen at this time.  

  • If your situation is emergent, please call 9-1-1 or see your nearest ER/urgent care. 

How to check in for a Telemedicine Appointment:

1.  Contact our office to make sure the "appointment slot" is labeled as a "telemedicine visit."  This is to make sure the provider knows that you will be meeting via 2-way camera.

2.  Consider doing a pre-call test by clicking this link (click here)

3.  On the day of your appointment, you will get a phonecall from the staff to reconcile current medications and to prepare for your check in.

4.  Follow the check in process as identified in the following document: click here -> Check in process for telemedicine visits or download here:

-Here is a recorded step-by-step process on how to check in

(hover over it for sound)

-Another resource to help (click here)












Troubleshooting Camera and Microphone:

To schedule an appointment, call here:

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Phone: 254.572.8683

Office Fax:  512-290-9226 

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