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2way Video Visits (TeleHealth)

How to check in for a Telemedicine Appointment:

1.  Contact our office to make sure the "appointment slot" is labeled as a "telemedicine visit."  This is to make sure the provider knows that you will be meeting via 2-way camera.

2.  Consider doing a pre-call test by clicking this link (click here) **HEADPHONES WITH MICROPHONE HELPS REDUCE ECHO.

3.  On the day of your appointment, you will get a phonecall from the staff to reconcile current medications and to prepare for your check in.

4.  Follow the check in process as identified in the following document: click here -> Check in process for telemedicine visits or download here:

* Please note that TxMDS is not responsible for data charges if using a mobile phone.  

-Here is a recorded step-by-step process on how to check in

(hover over it for sound)

-Another resource to help (click here)












Troubleshooting Camera and Microphone:

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